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K-12 Reading Endorsement

The Reading Endorsement program at Hiram College prepares teachers who meet program entry requirements to enroll in coursework to add the Ohio K-12 Reading Endorsement. This graduate level endorsement consists of six, three-semester hour courses offered in eight-week sessions in a blended format (a combination of on-campus and online coursework).

Each of the first five classes will meet on campus for 24 hours over the course of eight weeks and in an asynchronous online environment for the equivalent of 84 hours. There are required field hours in three of these five courses totaling 50 hours in assigned grade bands. The final course is a practicum and will entail intensive intervention with students, either on campus or in home schools. Practicum hours must total 50 hours in assigned grade bands.

Teachers enrolled in the Reading Endorsement program must take and pass the approved Ohio Licensure test in order to add the Endorsement to their licenses. This test requires an additional fee, as does the addition of the Endorsement to the teaching license.

The program begins May 19, 2014, and the cost per-credit-hour is $470. Course meeting times are scheduled on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Click here to learn more about the curriculum.


Application process

  1. Submit an application for admission.
  2. Official transcripts with a posted bachelor's degree are required for admission to the program. Additional transcripts may be required to validate the necessary prerequisite coursework. Students who have a GPA less than 2.75 and students who graduated 10 or more years ago may be required to submit additional transcripts and supplemental application material.
  3. Submit a copy of teaching license.
  4. Provide a writing sample of 1000 words or more. The writing sample may come from a previous college course where you were the only author of an original work or you may choose to write an essay on how obtaining a reading endorsement from Hiram College will help you in your career.

Admission criteria

Admission to the reading endorsement program typically requires a minimum GPA of 2.75 from the institution that awarded the bachelor's degree. Students with a GPA lower than 2.75 may be considered for admission, but will be required to submit additional supporting documentation. Graduate level coursework and additional undergraduate coursework from institutions other than where the bachelor's degree was earned may be considered in the evaluation of cumulative GPA. Student materials will be evaluated by the department, including the writing sample which will be evaluated for writing skills appropriate for graduate study at Hiram College. Transcripts and supplemental material may be required if the candidate for admission graduated 10 or more years ago.

Students must have all prerequisite reading coursework completed prior to admission in the program as outlined below

  • (EC/MC only)
    • 12 semester hours total
    • 3 semester hour Phonics course
  • (AYA/MA only)
    • 9 credit hours undergraduate reading total
    • 3 semester hours Content Area reading
    • 3 semester hours Phonics course
  • (Intervention Specialist only)
    • 12 semester hours total
    • 3 semester hour Phonics course
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