Hiram College

Our college mission calls us to develop students who are intellectually vibrant, and socially responsible as they take on ‘urgent challenges’ of the day.

Thus, we provide an education that fosters an appreciation and comprehension of complexities across cultural and biogeographical realms, an effectiveness in working in diverse civic spheres, an ability to work within and beyond the limitations of language and cultural difference encountered in other parts of the world, and to increase students’ hunger to take on increasingly cross-boundary, global challenges.

The Center for Global Interaction aims are:

  • To enhance a campus culture in which development of global perspective is an inherent and natural expectation of all students.   Our Experiencing the World (EW) core requirement, which students can access through many departments across the campus, our foreign language requirement for all students, our International Studies and Asian Studies Minors, and our new Peace Corps Prep program move us significantly towards achieving this goal.
  • To provide incentives and support for more of our students to experience and more of our faculty to offer Study Abroadopportunities, offering an intensive and immersive “fast-track” to global awareness and engagement, critical for private and public sector careers in our increasingly interconnected world.
  • To sustain and grow our existing exchange programs (Kansai Gaidai, Japan; Bosphorus University, Turkey; John Cabot University, Rome; and the College Year in Athens), and establish new relationships affording students maximum options for global learning.
  • To promote and support faculty collaborations for new interdisciplinary courses with an international focus for both traditional and non-traditional learners.
  • To foster links between the teaching of foreign languages and real-world learning domestically (where 1/5th of Americans are bi-lingual) and abroad, including building relationships with foreign and domestic institutions for students who wish to undertake service while learning a language.
  • To build intensive language immersion programs, both at Hiram and abroad, especially focused on the learning of“critical” languages (Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Farsi), to provide students with essential high-demand skills for post-graduation employment.