Hiram College

The Terrier Trader is a small retail store located in the Hiram College student center (the Kennedy Center) that carries a variety of food, beverage and gift items. It is the retail outlet for the Terrier Bakery and carries many “Terrier-Made” products (products launched and created by Hiram College students and alumni).

Terrier-Made Items


Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce
Ethan Holmes ’16


7th Symphony, R & R Specialty Foods
Forrest Reed ’14

Forrest, an accounting major, developed the idea for 7th Symphony, (a secret family recipe) as part of a managerial cost accounting class. Working with three of his classmates, he launched 7th Symphony when he was just a sophomore. 7th Symphony is now in 21 specialty markets in the Cleveland and Columbus area. Since graduating from Hiram, Forrest has opened a pizza shop in Bedford, Ohio.


Supreme Sauce, Micah Specialty Foods
Nana Kwamena Takyi-Micha ’14

Nana, an international student, attended Hiram College as an accounting major, entrepreneurship minor. He and his Hiram teammates tested the idea of Supreme Sauce (based a very popular sauce from Ghana) while attending Entrepreneurship Immersion Week in 2011. Over the next two years Nana worked to bring his beloved sauce to market. Supreme Sauce is now in 10 specialty markets in the Cleveland area.


Uncle Jim’s Foods
Jim Scher ’88

Uncle Jim’s Foods celebrates its fifth year in business in 2015 by announcing new products. Uncle Jim’s Foods was founded in 2009 after rave reviews and high demand for Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustard, the flagship of a fast-growing enterprise. Hiram “MustardHeads” enjoy traditional, habanero and wasabi mustard.

Terrier Trader Management

Senior entrepreneurship minors manage the Terrier Trader. The Terrier Trader bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. It provides opportunities for students from a variety of disciplines to get involved and interact – each bringing their own perspective and skill-set to the venture. Entrepreneurship and accounting students come together to form the store’s management team, and they work together to implement ideas at all levels of the store, from marketing strategies to multi-year plans.

Courses connected to the Terrier Trader include:

  • ENTR48500 / ENTR48510: SRV Internship
  • ACCT22700: Small Business Accounting Workshop
  • FRCL: The Art of Dough
  • FSEM: Transforming Dough into Sweet Success

What our students learned

“Working at The Terrier Trader has been one of the most influential experiences I’ve gained at Hiram College. Before taking this class, I had no experience in a business setting, and this class has prepared me for my career. I have learned that taking responsibility for your own success and being able to see the fruits of doing so is extremely rewarding – not only because of the sales, but because you know that you invested yourself into a product with the belief that it would sell.”

Matt Russell ’14,
General Manager, Terrier Trader
Management major, Entrepreneurship minor


“I initially got involved with the Trader for my entrepreneurship minor, and it exceeded my expectations. I’ve gained real-world experiences that will help me immensely as I look to obtain a leadership position upon graduation. My experience with the Terrier Trader will stick with me through the rest of my life.

Patrick Cozzens ’14,
Operations Manager, Terrier Trader
Management major, Entrepreneurship minor

“Before working at the Terrier Trader, I did not have much experience in a business setting. This experience provided me with the tools I will need in the future to become a successful manager. I have gained experience dealing with customer service, the everyday operations it takes to run a successful store and the reality of being a part of a venture.

Daniel Fanzo ’14,
Human Resource Manager, Terrier Trader
Management major, Entrepreneurship minor

“This course gave me hands-on experience about the structure of a company on a smaller scale, similar to what I will potentially be entering into when I graduate. It is a unique addition to my resume.”

Jameal Welcome ’14,
Marketing Manager, Terrier Trader
Management major, Entrepreneurship minor