Team Up With a Student Academic Coach

Academic coaches are students who have received intensive training in mentoring and academic success skills.

Coaches will meet with you several times or weekly depending upon your need. Coaches will get to know you and individualize their interventions to your personal needs. They will assist you to organize your time and academic work, maximize your study time, and connect you to the campus resources you need. Coaches will set up sessions at the location of your choice. NEW in 2011: Academic Coaches to host “Study-Slams” in the Residence Halls and Commuter Lounge!

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Meet our Student Academic Coaches

Lacey Zerner

Class: Junior
: Biomedical Humanities
: AIBS, Medicus, Student Athletic Training for the Men’s Soccer Team, Peer Mentoring, Studying Abroad to Greece, Turkey and the Dominican Republic, and Volunteering
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Hola! I’m Lacey! I’m a junior Biomedical Humanities major with specialization in either Neuroscience or Psychology (I’m too indecisive to choose one now) and an Ethics minor. I have a passion for anything that has to deal with the sciences and giving back, and am always looking for ways to learn about new technologies. Someday I hope to become a doctor, more specifically a Neurologist. Currently, I am applying for research internships, and am crossing my fingers for the program at Duke University dealing with Neurosciences. Duke is my dream school! I would give up my first child to go there for Med School, but I will take any opportunity I get to become a Blue Devil! Anyway, I love being a peer mentor, and will do anything I can to help you succeed. I am willing to share all of my secrets to success, but if for some reason I do falter, I will gladly point you in the direction of someone who can help you out! I’m always available through email, because I’m obsessive compulsive and check it like a million and a half times a day, so don’t hesitate!

Katherine Valaitis

Class: Junior
Major: Management/minor in Economics
Activities: Women’s Soccer
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Hi, my name is Katherine Valaitis (Kate) I am a Management major with a minor in Economics and play soccer here on the women’s side. Outside of school work and soccer I can often be found catching up on some ZZZZZZ's, playing guitar hero or chilling with my Hamster Chunk-Nugget.

Rachel Petrack

Class: Junior
Major: Philosophy Minor: Gender Studies
Activities: PRYSM, Ethics bowl, the Advance
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Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a philosophy major with minors in ethics and gender studies. I'm involved in a good handful of Hiram groups and jobs, including our GSA and school paper, and will soon be a Writing Assistant. I've also been on two study abroad trips (Japan and the Dominican Republic), the latter a service trip. That means I can answer your questions about an awful lot of things at Hiram. As a philosophy major I'm also good with critical thinking and with delving into and explicating complex ideas - important in getting the most out of your classes and assignments. At Hiram you can do the minimum and feel very busy, or you can really get involved and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish - why would you settle for less?

Abby Freedman

Class: Junior
Major: Biology
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Hi there! My name is Abby, and I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in English. Though the two focuses have little in common, I often find myself torn, because I am equally passionate about both. My ultimate goal is to combine these two fields in a research career. As of right now, I’m leaning towards infectious disease research, but I am keeping an opened mind, because I'm still taking classes that will inform my final decision. In being an academic coach, I feel I have a unique experience to share with my peers. I am a transfer student from a college in Nevada that I attended while already in a successful career in legal and business administration. My desire to further my education and to truly explore my interests in a career in science led me to Hiram College and will take me to graduate school next. Balancing many priorities while achieving the high standards and goals I've set for myself while managing to have fun with it all takes a lot of work. I am confident that if I can do it, anyone else can achieve the standards and goals they set for themselves as long as they have the proper tools. I look forward to sharing the tools I have found most helpful in the different situations I've encountered during my time in college.

Charles Walker

Class: Sophomore
Major: Management
Activities: Football
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Hello! My name is Charles, I am a sophomore majoring in business management as well as a student athlete. I play football. In my free-time I enjoy playing Xbox and being outdoors playing some kind of sport. Also in the class room I try my best to get it done, plus I enjoy helping people when I can.

Bonnie Brentar

Class: Junior
Major: Management
Activities: Ski/Snowboarding Club, Bowling, Running/exercising, Play the Flute.
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Hello! My name is Bonnie Brentar, I am currently a junior Management major, with a passion for working with people. Some of my strengths are: I am organized, positive, and talkative person. I have goals set and am a very self-driven individual. Responsibilities come first, but there is a time and place to relax and have fun. I am a very active individual. I'd rather be outside running around then inside watching television. I jump in head first, but follow thru with every project I start. A few of my weaknesses are: I am involved with many different sections of campus and tend to take on to much at one time. Due to this I don't always get the right amount of sleep...then again we all have this problem, right?! I can definitely get you involved on campus and introducing you to students though (around the clock....literally)! Some interests I have would be: I love anything sports related: volleyball, running, and soccer are my top favorites. I also am very interested in music. I am partial to alternative rock and pop/rap, but also enjoy country music. I love playing the flute and have done so for almost 10 years now. I also really enjoy working on cars! I look forward to working with our incoming freshmen this year.

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