Our Mission:

Student Academic Services believes in empowering students. We encourage all students who work with us to engage intellectually, socially and emotionally; set personally rewarding goals, manage themselves, and the demands of college life. We believe that all students benefit from mentoring and supportive relationships, therefore we strive to empower students by facilitating active involvement in their education and meaningful connections to peers, professors, and the campus community.

The following academic services are available to students free of charge:

Academic Counseling:

Students who take advantage of this service will work one on one with professional staff to establish personally meaningful goals, develop an individualized self-management system, and learn effective study strategies based on his/her unique learning style. Students who participate will be engaged in a team effort with their professors, their faculty advisor, and other essential college resources to assist them in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Peer Tutoring:

Students requesting a tutor are connected with a highly competent student in their subject of need. Student tutors, who have taken and passes these courses with an A or B are hired and trained by Student Academic Services. Trained peer tutors are available in most subjects.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS):

Available in specific subject areas each semester, PASS is a study group help once a week and lead by a trained tutor. The PASS leaders are typically announced during class by the instructors, and study session days/times are determined within the first two weeks of each semester by surveying class participants to determine the most convenient time for the majority of the students.

Student Success Programming:

Designed to assist all students, SAS offers many presentations and workshops throughout the year on a variety of academic success topics. Students may request presentations for their clubs, organizations or residence hall floors, or take advantage of regularly scheduled programs that include: the Sweet Success Institute Workshops, Study Slams, STAR Workshops, and Colloquium Cameo Presentations.

New for fall 2013-The Learning Commons Mentoring Program:

Created by Athletic Director Ellen Dempsey, the new Learning Commons program offers participating students structured 2-hour blocks of study- time held in a "common" area on campus where they may gather to study, and meet one on one with a professional mentor. Mentors are professional staff members who volunteer their time to meet regularly with the students in their block. Learning Common blocks will be offered Sunday – Thursday at locations to be announced on campus.

For more information contact:
Nancy Sauline B.A., M.S. Ed, Assistant Director of Student Academic Services
Phone: 330-569-6185
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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