The ARCH - Academic Resource Center at Hinsdale

Spring 12-Week 2015 ARCH Tutoring Schedule - subject to change
Accounting 225, 351, 352 Hinsdale 114 T,W 8-9PM
Anatomy & Physiology Gerstacker 207 M,T,W,R 8-9PM
Biology 152 (General Biol II) Hinsdale 120 M,W (R Exam Weeks Only) 8-9PM
Biology 365 (Genetics) Hinsdale 120 T,R 8-9PM
Chemistry 121 (Gen Chem III) Hinsdale 215 M,T,W,R 8-9PM
Chemistry 162 (Physiological) Hinsdale 213 W,R 8-10PM
Chemistry 365 (Intermediate Organic) Hinsdale 213 W,R 8-10PM
CPSC Open Lab Colton 106 S,M,T,W,R 8-10PM
Math 199 (Calculus) Hinsdale 127 M,T,W 8-9PM
Math 108 (Statistics) Hinsdale 127 M,T,W 9-10PM
Political Science (all) Hinsdale S. Common Area M,W 9-10PM
Psychology 101 Hinsdale 110 T,R 8-9PM
Psychology 214 & 215 Hinsdale 110 T,R 9-10PM
SPAN 101, 102, 201 Hinsdale 210 M,T,W,R 8-9PM
Peer Writing Assistance Hinsdale S. Common Area T,R 8-9PM

Can’t find a tutor for your subject at The ARCH?
Request a tutor or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Career and Academic Services.

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