Summer Research at the Field Station

Call for Applications for Summer 2012

The James H. Barrow Field Station (FS) at Hiram College, part of the Center for the Study of Nature and Society (CSNS), invites applications from Hiram College students for employment in several projects for summer 2012.  Internships include a stipend of $400 per week and housing in a Hiram College residence hall.

Guidelines for all applications and the one page application form to be submitted are below (page 2).  A full listing and brief description of the projects for summer 2012 follow the application form (pages 3-6).  All of this information and forms also can be found on the Career Services website (

Contact Laura Collins if you have any questions about the application process (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 330-527-2141).

The minimum requirements for all applicants are:

  • GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Good academic standing at Hiram College
  • Continuation at Hiram College through the 2012-13 academic year

Applications must include the following three items:

  • A formal cover letter addressing the following:

a. Your interests and motivations for this internship
b. Relevant experience
c. Which professor(s) and/or staff member(s) you wish to work with
d. Your long-term professional goals
e. How this internship fits those goals

  • The one-page application form:

a. Include names and contact information for 3 professional references, one of whom is your academic adviser|
b. Include your signature on the single page application and cover letter

(*Submit only the single page application both electronically and as a paper copy.  Save this file, delete all pages except the completed application page, and submit as directed.)
  • An unofficial copy of your most current transcript:

a. Printed from your Web4 site and submitted as a paper copy only along with the signed one page application form and the paper copy of your cover letter.

The deadline for applications was March 14. Information about Summer 2013 positions will be available early next year.

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Summer 2012 Projects

  • Waterfowl Research
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Behavioral Studies in the gray squirrel
  • Field Station Stewards
  • Ion-selective, Calorimetric and Spectrophotometric Methods of Water-Quality Monitoring
  • Education Outreach
  • In situ detection of active halogen species and oxides of nitrogen using chemical ionization mass spectrometry
  • Avian Diversity and Conservation
  • Using amphibians as biomonitors
  • To Mate or Not to Mate?  Comparing asexual and sexual reproduction of American beech in disturbed and undisturbed sites
  • Wetland Construction and Assessment
  • A Permacultural Assessment
  • Forest Edge Effects
  • Study of disease metabolites in the endangered White-Winged Wood Duck