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Northwoods Field Station

Hiram College's Northwoods Field Station is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Built by a group of Hiram students and faculty in the 1970s, this rustic camp is in the Hiawatha National Forest, just minutes from Lake Superior.

It is an ideal location to develop a strong sense of community and interdependence, qualities that are essential to making visits to Northwoods successful. The camp is a unique place to live and learn.

Location: The camp is on the shore of Cherry Lake, is surrounded by 100,000 acres of National Forest wilderness, meadows, bogs, rivers and more than a dozen other undeveloped lakes, all within a two-mile hike.

Facilities: At Northwoods, the emphasis is on living in harmony with nature and a low-consumption lifestyle. Water is supplied by hand-pumping from a well. The camp has a beautiful lodge with a full kitchen, meeting space, bathroom and shower. There are six comfortable sleeping cabins and composting outhouses. 

Summer Courses 2016:

Folklore & Folk Music in the U.P. of Michigan - INTD 28000 (TT, CA - 3 credit hours)

August 6-14, 2016

Instructors: Dawn Sonntag, Associate Professor & Chair, Music

                 Robin Shura, Assistant Professor, Sociology

This course provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of folklore and folk music. Students will study connections between local folklore and folk music as they relate to the history of industry, settlement of the region, cultural factors, and political factors in the UP of Michigan. Music and folklore about the Great Lakes, constellations and even Bigfoot will be addressed.

Cost: $2,050 includes tuition, fees, lodging, transportation and meals. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 330.569.6003 and ask about available scholarships to cover field trip expenses.


Northwood's Experience: Your Hiram College Adventure begins here!

(August 6-14, 2016): An eight-day adventure for incoming Hiram College students at the Northwoods Field Station. Days will be filled canoeing, exploring, hiking, swimming and building a sense of community with a group of your future Hiram College classmates.





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