Jim Metzinger

Associate Director of the J.H. Barrow Field Station

Hiram College (Biology), B.A.

(330) 527-2141
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Current Responsibilities

As Associate Director of the J.H. Barrow Field Station, I am responsible for coordinating care of the animal collection at the Field Station, which includes establishing, and monitoring husbandry protocols as well as supervising overall care of the animals. Additionally, I help manage over 550 acres of both established and newly acquired property.  I also train, maintain and manage a newly established bird rehabilitation program. Working together with the students and stewards we strive to maintain both quality care of our animals, while we focus on the responsible use of the land upon which the JHBFS occupies.  Our goal is create a natural habitat, preserve resources and to provide a safe learning environment for the students of Hiram College.

Past Experience

From 2005 until 2012 I served as the Curator of Birds and Area Manager for Legends of the Wild at the Akron Zoo.  While there, I managed the global genetic studbooks for the White winged wood ducks and Madagascar teal.  I was also the Species Survival Plan Chairman for White winged wood ducks.  While there I also successfully managed the mating, gestation and rearing of 6 jaguar cubs and 2 snow leopard cubs as well as a number of different bird species.

From 2000 until 2004 I was the Supervisor of Birds at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in Aurora, Ohio. While in that position, I was responsible for managing the Aviculture staff as well as a very successful bird rehabilitation program.

From approximately 1988 until 2000, I worked at SeaWorld in Aurora, Ohio. I worked with many species of birds including 8 different species of penguin, 2 species of flamingos and a variety of softbills, psittacines and waterfowl.  I also managed a small group Commerson’s dolphin that inhabited an exhibit with a large flock of Magellanic penguins.

As a student at Hiram, from 1984-1988, I worked at the station with Professor Barrow where we worked with a variety both mammals and bird species.  As a student, I also lived in the bunkhouse for nearly 2 years.

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