Hiram College is building on our unique strengths and achievements to be a regional and national leader in sustainability.

We understand sustainability in an expansive sense as the integrated balance of environmental protection, social responsibility, and fiscal accountability — in short, the ability of current and future generations to meet their basic needs and experience a high quality of life.

It is a call for transformative action and a call to confront one of the most urgent challenges of this century. We must seek to make sustainability permeate Hiram, modeling it for and with our students and the public in our decisions, as well as consciously cultivating our leadership to achieve true distinction.

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A Campus-Wide Commitment

As part of our sustainability efforts, Hiram College became a signatory of the 
American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment.

The President's Climate Commitment, signed by President Chema in 2008, is a voluntary pledge to actively address global climate change by reducing carbon emissions and engaging students in sustainability.

Tracking Our Carbon Footprint

A necessary part of our effort to reduce carbon, and other greenhouse gas emissions, was to figure out what Hiram’s emissions were at the start. 

See our baseline emissions data for 2008.